Desk Copy Plus Program

Increasingly, students cannot afford to buy books because of the recession. To help professors assist their students, Cambria Press has launched the Desk Copy Plus Program. Under this program, free hardcover desk copies are provided to professors who arrange for their library to purchase one Platinum E-book Edition of any Cambria title listed in the course syllabus as a primary, secondary, or recommended source.

The Platinum E-Book Edition allows for concurrent electronic access to the work in html, PDF, and device formats anywhere on campus including classrooms (see CAMBER configurations). In other words, one Platinum E-Book serves all students simultaneously at no charge to students. This program benefits professors, students, and librarians.

Professors benefit because desk copies are provided in hardcover format for use in class preparation. The hardcover format remains the preferred choice for professors for convenient, long term use.

Students benefit because content is available on demand for use with the iPad™, Nook™, Kindle™, PDF, and html which are increasingly preferred by the younger generation.

Librarians benefit because there are no setup costs, yet full bibliographic data (MARC records) are provided, along with a free admin portal that provides visitor statistics and content management tools. Platinum E-Book Editions are also less expensive than hardcover versions and librarians need not worry about damage or loss because the electronic content is always available.

To see which Cambria titles may enhance your classes, please browse sample chapters and download our catalogue. When you have decided what titles you want, simply register and complete the Desk Copy Request Form on your personal webpage. Upon submitting this form, your desk copy order will be processed and we will e-mail you information for your library.

For screenshots of the simple steps, please download this document.


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