News Item 154

28-Nov-11 - Special Cambria E-Book Editions Released on as e-book sales in the industry surpass hardcover and paperback combined!

Amazon reports that sales of e-books for Kindle now exceed those of hardcover and paperback combined!

Cambria Press's new e-book program effectively rides this growing trend (that is clearly here to stay) with the innovative distribution of two electronic versions of select Cambria Press titles on Both versions are currently being deployed––the first version is the full, complete e-book, and the second is the special abridged version, which is called the student edition and is priced in the incredibly affordable price range of $15 to $30.

Cambria Press remains that only academic publisher in the world that offers e-books in all popular formats.

To browse a Cambria Press e-book, register on our website and you will be provided with a code for a free e-book. If you have already registered, please sign in to the Cambria Press website and visit your Bookshelf to receive your free e-book access code.


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