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13-Dec-11 - Victorian Literature and Film Adaptation is now available! Learn more about this book which is not about “your grandmother’s Victorians,” as Professor Thomas Leitch states

Cambria Press is pleased to announce that Victorian Literature and Film Adaptation is now available.

This volume expands the field to include source texts from the long nineteenth century, beginning with Jane Austen and ending with Joseph Conrad. Editors Abigail Bloom and Mary Sanders Pollock also extend the boundaries set by other collections by including responses to movies based not just on novels, but also on drama (Lady Windemere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde), short stories (“The Return” by Joseph Conrad), and poetry (“The Pied Piper” by Robert Browning)—and not just on literary and popular culture canons, but on lesser known works. As Thomas Leitch points out in his theoretical introduction, “these are not your grandmother’s Victorians.”

This is an important book for collections in Victorian literature and film studies because it provides a basis for rethinking adaptation and a template for future discussions and academic courses. They orient the reader within a popular field of study that is currently in need of both greater focus and of practical direction.

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