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22-May-12 - Read the Q&A session with Professor Elizabeth Soliday on her recently published book, Childbirth in a Technocratic Age

In today’s context where medical intervention, necessary or not, assumes an increasingly central role in the childbearing equation, questions of what mothers expect to happen in labor and delivery and how their subsequent birth experiences meet those expectations become paramount. Global numeric indicators cannot capture the quality of women’s reactions to childbirth itself, particularly as maternal care shifts in response to consumer interests it presupposes, offering options for comfort, care, and even the possibility of foregoing the labor process altogether. This work reflects the critical need to document early 21st-century U.S. mothers’ own words on what they expected to happen in childbirth and later, how labor and delivery went and how it met their expectations.

Professor Elizabeth Soliday's recently published book, Childbirth in a Technocratic Age: The Documentation of Women’s Expectations and Experiences, lends an important, though at times unsettling, insider perspective on how labor and delivery can unfold..

This book targeted towards an academic readership, including scholars and medical professionals with interest in women’s health, women’s and maternal mental health, women’s reproductive health, reproductive technology, medical humanities, medical anthropology, narrative studies, pregnancy, and childbirth.

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