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24-Jul-12 - Cambria Press MUST-SEE VIDEO! Warning: Contains Graphic Material and Offensive Language - Gangster Rap and Its Social Cost by Benjamin Bowser

Cambria Press is proud to be the first academic publisher to bring out a book studying rap music from this unique perspective. Learn more about this book through the interview with renowned sociologist Professor Benjamin Bowser on his book Gangster Rap and Its Social Cost: Exploiting Hip Hop and Using Racial Stereotypes to Entertain America that debunks the myths surrounding rap music.

Whether you love or hate rap music, you should read this book, which delves into issues like the use of the N-word and enlightens us on the HUGE impact of rap music on the various groups in American society. If you think that rap music is all the same, then all the more you need to read this book!

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