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03-Aug-12 - NEW BOOK! Author Q&A Session for Digital Media in East Asia: National Innovation and the Transformation of a Region

While many observers understand that East Asian companies and countries have played a significant role in the growth of the digital sector, few understand the scale of the region’s presence in what many see as the most vibrant element in the twenty-first-century economy. On closer examination, however, it turns out that China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan are more than prominent players in the new digital economy. Instead, as a collective force, East Asia dominates the global digital shift, producing much of the technology that underpins global digital integration and, now, establishing a steadily expanding presence in terms of digital content.

Digital Media in East Asia: National Innovation and the Transformation of a Region by Carin Holroyd and Kenneth Coates sees digital media as an important element in the integration of South Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan, with economic/commercial interaction now being accompanied by regional sharing of content and services. It argues that the underappreciated scale of East Asian activity in this key sector is setting up the region as a global leader in the new economy, quietly building global dominance in manufacturing, digital implementations and, most recently, digital content production.

The book also argues that the rise of prominence reflects the still active presence of national governments in East Asia in selecting and promoting commercial success in emerging industries. The combination of infrastructure development, regulation, investment, training and promotion used by each of the national governments in the study has produced impressive national and regional integration across manufacturing, service, government and education. The national innovation strategies of the East Asian governments have, in sum, produced impressive results, sparking widespread private sector investment and the development of sizeable content production communities

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