News Item 256

15-Nov-12 - Timeliest book for US politics has been published! Hailed as "the perfect book for our times" and "essential reading," Tough Times for the President is now available!

Cambria Press is pleased to announce that the timeliest book for American is now available! Tough Times for the President: Political Adversity and the Sources of Executive Power by Ryan J. Barilleaux and Jewerl Maxwell has been published just in time at the conclusion of the 2012 presidential election.

Noted political scientist Professor Raymond Tatalovich put it best when he stated that “This is the perfect book for our times. Enough hero worship and media pandering about mere mortals in the White House. … Tough Times for the President is absolutely essential reading not only for presidency scholars but anyone intrigued by the exercise of presidential power.”

Learn more about this widely praised book and read the transcript of the author Q&A session at the Cambria Press blog post about this!

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