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20-Oct-08 - NEW! Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America book series

Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America is a book series that will showcase high-quality research contributions in political science. The editors are professors Sean Kelly and Scott Frisch of CSU Channel Islands. The editors believe that political science is relatively theory rich and data poor, and thus prefer studies that break new empirical ground over studies that solely focus on establishing new theoretical ground. They also believe that political science research has the capacity to address contemporary American politics in a way that is accessible to political professionals. Books in this series will draw on the many and varied methodological approaches available to researchers without prejudice, but authors must have the capacity to communicate their methods, findings, and study implications to a broad audience.

Books in Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America will:
• address topics of broad substantive interest in political science and have relevance for political professionals
• be firmly grounded in existing political science theories
• utilize unique, new, and innovative data
• employ appropriate methodologies including, but not limited to, quantitative, case study, historical, participant-observation, and mixed methodologies
• have implications for understanding contemporary issues in American politics

Examples of possible categories and topics within the series:

Politics • Campaigns and Elections • Political Marketing • Electoral Strategy • Political Communication • Politics and the Internet • Social Movements • Politics and Race • Religion and Politics

Institutions • Congress • Presidents and the Presidency • The Supreme Court and Federal Courts • Political Parties • Interest Groups • American Federalism

Public Policy • Public Policy Analysis • Education Policy • Environmental Policy • Social Welfare Policy • Health Policy • Budgeting

Submission Policies: • The editors prefer to consider complete manuscripts. Book proposals are accepted, but should be accompanied by sample chapters. • Edited volumes will be considered, but it is the responsibility of the volume editor(s) to secure all permissions prior to submitting the manuscript. • Most dissertations will require significant revisions to fit into this series.


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