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06-Jun-10 - BOOK SERIES: Culture, Literature, & Religion in Greater China Book Series by Jianmei Liu, Ann Huss, and Xiaofei Kang

Culture, Literature, and Religion in Greater China is a book series that will showcase high-quality research contributions that are innovative, diverse in subject matter, and challenging to existing critical frames. The series editors are Jianmei Liu (University of Maryland), Ann Huss (Chinese University of Hong Kong), and Xiaofei Kang (George Washington University).

The editors seek works of an interdisciplinary nature, as well as proposals that are a “return to the classic,” that is, proposals for more traditional projects (e.g., author studies, conventional literary criticism, and intellectual history).

The following is a list of the fields of interest:

Literary Studies

--Rewriting Chinese literary history

--Narratology and literary genre

--Literary politics related to enlightenment, revolution, tradition, modernity, globalization, nationalism, transnationalism

--Religion and Philosophy in relation to classical and modern Chinese literature

--Biographies of famous authors such as Lu Xun, Shen Congwen, Mao Dun, Yu Dafu, Ba Jin, Duanmu Hongliang, Xiao Hong, Xiao Jun, Zhang Ailing, Ding Ling, Bai Wei, Lu Ying, Shi Zhecun, Jin Yong, etc.

--Intellectual history and literary movements

Women’s Studies

--Gender and politics

--Women’s writings

--Intellectual debates on women’s issue

--The Women’s History of China

Film Studies

--Cross-cultural engagements with individual films

--Historiography, poetics, aesthetics, genres, and directorial styles

--Film production and consumption

--Studies of internationally renowned directors such as Zhang Yimou, Hou Hsia-hsien, Ang Lee, Wong Kai-wai, Chen Kaige, Zhuang Yuan, Jia Zhangke, Tsia Ming-Liang, Jiang Wen, Ann Hui, etc.

Cultural Studies

--Popular culture and popular literary genres such as martial arts novels, romantic novels, and detective novels

--Literary and cultural journals, newspapers, and advertisements

--Cultural production, reproduction, consumption, and censorship

--Identity, politics, transnationalism, and multiculturalism in Chinese and Chinese-speaking communities

Chinese Religions

--Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist traditions

--Ritual, Folk Religion, and Local Cults

--Women, Gender, and Religion

--Religion and Ethnicity

--Religion, State, and Modernity

--Religion in Contemporary China

Authors who focus on urban dynamics and the city as habitus for cultural engagement in China, regardless of discipline, are also invited to submit proposals.

Submission Policies: The editors prefer to consider complete manuscripts. Book proposals are accepted, but should be accompanied by sample chapters. • Edited volumes will be considered, but it is the responsibility of the volume editor(s) to secure all permissions prior to submitting the manuscript. • Most dissertations will require significant revisions to fit into this series.

Proposals may be submitted using the online rapid response form, or please feel free to e-mail your book prospectus to chinesestudies [at]


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