Index Generation

As a Cambria author, your index page numbers are generated for you.

Almost all publishers require authors to supply a full index with terms and pages. Cambria authors need only provide the list of terms, and we will generate the index page numbers in just 2-5 days.

This is part of the expedited Cambria production workflow, which makes book publication* possible within an average time frame of 10 weeks.

*Most manuscripts are more than 50,000 words long.

The Cambria Press team were unstinting in their support of my innovative book, and the double-blind peer-review was useful in guiding my revision. The Cambria team worked meticulously down to the fine details of indexing and proofing. — Karen An-hwei Lee, Vanguard University, author of Anglophone Literatures in the Asian Diaspora

My experience with Cambria Press can only be characterized as highly positive; actually it was perfect! After the book was approved for publication in January, the entire process of copyediting, typesetting, proofing, coding, and indexing took only three months! The book was published in March with the highest quality I have seen in the industry in terms of paper, print, sophisticated tables, and accuracy of Chinese characters and other specialty material. The Cambria team is highly professional and at the same time very personable. All my requests were always taken into consideration, and my questions were answered promptly and always to my satisfaction as the author of the book. —Tanya Storch, University of the Pacific, author of The History of Chinese Buddhist Bibliography


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