24/7 Sales and Royalty Data

Cambria provides 24/7 access to sales and royalty data via a private author web portal. Through this portal, authors can see sales and royalty data on demand.

Sales and royalty data are provided not only in aggregate sums but also in detail for each version of the work including hardcover, consumer e-book, and library e-book across multiple years.

Cambria is the best publisher I have ever worked with. They not only got my book to press quickly and efficiently but also with first-rate editing, cover design, and production. They provided ample review copies to journals, and their innovative online sales tracking system allows continual monitoring of sales and royalties. I thank Cambria Press for all their work on my book. — Stephen Coleman author of Popular Decisions

My experience with Cambria was absolutely pleasant. Cambria provides high-quality, careful peer reviews by well-published scholars in the field; these were very insightful and helpful. Cambria Press is also one of the few academic presses, as far as I know, which provide free and solid full service from meticulous editing, typesetting, to individualized cover design. Neither subvention not self-prepared edited / typeset works were required. The detailed queries made by the editors were impressive! From the first year my book was marketed, I could review its sales on the website and started receiving royalties. I am proud of the professionalism, efficiency, and friendliness of all Cambria staff, and I have recommended Cambria to my colleagues. — Guo Wu author of Zheng Guanying, Merchant Reformer of Late Qing China and his Influence on Economics, Politics, and Society


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