Content Provided in All Popular Formats

Cambria Press is the only academic publisher that provides content in all popular formats for scholarly, consumer, library, and direct channels simultaneously.

Our capabilities in this area are unrivaled and allow us to provide enhanced services such as affordable e-rentals, digital review access, and affordable editions for student and consumer use.

Cambria provides content in all popular hard and electronic formats, including for popular devices, such as the iPad, Nook, and Kindle, for both academic and consumer channels

My students greatly appreciate the digital versions of the text – thank you for working to make those options available. — Brent Sleasman author of Albert Camus's Philosophy of Communication

Working with Cambria has been an entirely gratifying experience. The editorial staff adhered to the highest professional standards; after it passed review and was accepted, the Cambria staff worked with impeccable efficiency to transform my manuscript into an attractive finished product that is marketable in traditional and electronic formats. Throughout this process, they have communicated clearly and in a timely manner and have been considerate of my wishes and interests. When I compare my experiences to those of many colleagues with other publishers, I am extremely grateful that I was able to go with Cambria. —Currie Thompson, Gettysburg College, author of Picturing Argentina


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